Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." --Romans 12:21

Like many of you, I have been angry about a lot of things lately. There is no end to the bad news we are all bombarded with. The media today seems to have honed a ...talent for dividing us into ever smaller camps that can claim any number of grievances and righteous indignation - which of course, inspires righteous indignation in others that flows into an unending cycle of anger.

I have tried to disengage, to pull back away from the ugliness I see in the news and just filter it out. But the more I wrestled with my own frustration and anger, the more I felt a calling really to be part of a solution.

We live in an age where information is almost too freely accessible. One can find really anything if you are looking for it. Thus my idea of finding, connecting others to and promoting positive stories and information was born. I'm hoping this can be a life filter that can remind us of the many amazing things that are happening all around rather than focusing on the worst examples among us.

I realize that negative things need to be covered. I'm not contending there is no place for challenging issues to be addressed -- only that THAT trend is FULLY covered and what I believe we could all use more of is time spent pondering, sharing and remembering good news.

My response comes in the form of this blog, a corresponding Twitter stream called Positive Sway and a page on Facebook:  Very little of what you will see on these sites will be original content (I do have a day job after all). But the beauty of this idea is that it draws together positive information already being put out there about transformation, scientific breakthroughs, opportunities and more into a stream that you and others can tap into easily and at any time.

If you believe this is important as I do, please join me in tweeting stories you find motivational, uplifting, interesting and factual, please post them here or tweet them to @PositiveSway.

Together, we can help sway the culture and each others more toward the positive, day by day.

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